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5 Christmas Activities for Kids to Do This December

2015 Christmas is coming! For kids who are littler than Santa's elves, they cannot be too appropriate to get entertained, while for adult after some tedious work, by taking part in activities to relax and experience at this holiday. This article provides you top 5 2015 Xmas activities for kids to have more fun.

1. Judge the Neighborhood Lights

As a kid, one of my favorite Christmas activities was to walk around my neighborhood with my cousins and judge every one’s Christmas decorations. I grew up in south Florida, so we walked around pretty comfortably. If it's chilly where you live, you can pile everyone up in a car for a fun drive. Try a different or ritzy neighborhood for some added fun.

2. Make An Ornament

There are a lot of ornament ideas on the internet, but one of my favorites is decorating pine cones to look like mini Christmas trees. Many of you adults probably did this as a kid. To start, find some unbroken pine cones in your yard and clean them off. If you plan early enough, you can spray paint them with a favorite color. I like to paint mine white because it looks like they are covered in snow. Then use glue sticks, glitter, cotton balls, and beads, and let imaginations go wild. Don't forget to add an angel or star at the top!

3. Dance In The Light Of The Christmas Tree

My sister and I loved to dance to Christmas music in the light of the Christmas tree. Once the decorations were hung and the lights were shining, we put our favorite Christmas tape in our pink boom box (guess that decade) and had a ball. We really initiated the season by turning on every Christmas light or incorporating every decoration that might spin or blink. This was a lot of fun for the kids, and a pure joy for the adults watching, too!

4. Father Christmas at the Hall

These festive children's tours will guide families through the Royal Albert Hall for Victorian-themed stories and activities. Little ones will make their own Christmas cards and decorations, and the event will finish with a visit to Father Christmas to collect a Christmas stocking goody-bag. Suitable for ages two and over.

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Wish you enjoy an amazing Christmas 2015 with kids!

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